1. Oil paintings, whether on board loose or loose canvas which require stretching

  2. Pastels, water colours, charcoal / pencil drawings

  3. Sporting memorabilia, such as football shirts

  4. 3D objects such as rugby ball / models

  5. Needleworks and tapestries

  6. Papyrus

  7. Prints / photographs

  8. Medals

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We have over 300 stock samples of frame moulding to choose from and have access to over 2500 other different profiles, together with a full colour range of mountboard (conservation level). Whatever the job we can offer a high standard of quality and workmanship.

Perhaps you have saved a group of souvenirs from a trip or an event that deserves commemoration, some childhood items, or bridal memorabilia. Amongst the vast array of items we can frame are as follows: